Thursday, October 29, 2009

Laura and Mike: slideshow

Laura and Mike have been very patient waiting for this slideshow--so I am super excited to post it! I felt like I knew Laura and Mike as soon as I met them--there just is a warmth and kindness about them. They both have a gentle, respectful, intelligent nature--oh, and they are quite the talented couple! At their engagement session, I had them bust out their instruments (they met when they both played in an orchestra, he the cello, she the viola) and play a little duet for me....And at the wedding, they had the opportunity to exhibit another fine art: dancing! Mike just has this classy presence about him on the dance floor (just look at his posture in the dancing photos), and Laura moves with softness and agility, even in layers of dress. The wedding was lovely in every way, and I'm happy to finally give you a taste of it...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Maggie and John: slideshow

I am so excited to finally post Maggie and John's slideshow! You may remember this swank, sweet-as-pie couple from their colorful engagement session this spring. I absolutely loved getting to know them and observing their connection. Oh boy are they in love! Maggie just glows with energy and glam and spunk, and John has got to be the sweetest fella around. He adores his gal, and is just so kind and warm, it reminds you how wonderful and genuine some men can be (like my very own perfect amazing man :)...I will elaborate more when I post some of my favorite images from their Museum of Science wedding (hopefully it will be in the next decade--I am so behind!), but all you have to do is see their slideshow to get a sense of how creative and spunky they are (i.e. Converse, moustaches, the hair flowers Maggie MADE, etc.). I have to admit, I am totally smitten with this couple and their engergy, zest, passion for life and eachother...Make sure your volume is up so you can get the full effect. Oh and my girl Tara was with me, so these are a mix of shots by both of us...Enjoy!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Melissa and Dean: slideshow

Melissa and Dean have already built a life together; they have a beautiful home, and an even more beautiful baby daughter, Charlotte. The final piece was their wedding, which they chose to have at their home in Durham, CT. They did it all themselves, and worked so hard to make every detail perfect. Every touch was evidence of Melissa's vision and creativity--and it was all so gorgeous! Melissa is a very special childhood friend of mine, and it meant the world to me to be there beside her as she celebrated her marriage and beautiful family.