Monday, September 20, 2010

Katie and Andy: Danvers, MA

I have been waiting for the opportunity to shoot a wedding at Glen Magna Farms in Danvers, which is in my opinion, one of the most charming reception venues in the Boston area. And I couldn't have asked for a better couple to mark my first visit there! Katie and Andy are the most genuine, down-to-earth pair, and throughout their wedding day, that opinion was affirmed again and again, by the devoted friends and family who gathered around them, and even more, by the way that they looked at each other. Katie is soft-spoken and sweet, with a fresh, natural beauty and an understated elegance that made her such a pleasure to photograph. Andy is handsome in that authentic, all-American, dapper smart-guy way. He is one of those rare fellas, a mix of endearing and wacky and thoughtful and adorable--who isn't too cool for sentiment, who isn't too tough to look down and just adore his girl, no matter who is watching (or pointing a camera). After a sweet first look, some fun bridal party shots in a giant tree with sweeping limbs, and a walk with the bride and groom down the house's original tree-lined, gated driveway, we made our way to the walled gardens and wisteria-laden pergola for the ceremony. Andy's father officiated, which made for such a personal, warm ceremony (he had me shedding a tear to hear about how he felt when he son was born). Though clouds were rolling in, and there would be rain straight for the next week, it held off for Katie and Andy, and the evening stayed clear and dry--making for the perfect summer wedding night. Okay, enough ado, on to some photos!

I didn't notice while I was shooting that I placed the shoes next to Anne of Avonlea, one of my most beloved books from childhood (along with the others in Lucy Maude Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables series).

In the dress and surrounded by the paparazzi...

A sweet moment just after their first look.

This solemn moment is one of my favorites.

I told them to "walk tough." Interesting take on "tough" from Katie's brother...

Ahhh, I can never pass up a field of wild golden rod...

Andy's brother delivered one of the most charming toasts I've heard.

Andy's boyz liked to pick him up a lot.

And finally, here is Katie and Andy's slideshow (turn up your volume to hear the song!):

Monday, September 06, 2010

Sarah and Tijs: Boston, MA

The day after celebrating five years since my own nuptials, I reported to Boston for Sarah and Tijs' mid-August wedding. Sarah and Tij met when Sarah was in the Netherlands for work, and in time, Tijs made the big move to Boston to pursue a Masters at MIT (and perhaps more importantly, to pursue his romance with Sarah). With her fair hair, feminine figure, and sweet, gentle demeanor, I couldn't help but think Sarah had a Grace Kelly vibe on her wedding day. You could tell she wasn't quite at home being the center of attention and being fawned over with makeup and hair-spray and general wedding girliness, yet her reticence made her that much more endearing, and made me want to capture her sweet nature through genuine in-between moments. Sarah and Tijs were married at the historic and unique MIT chapel, and the reception was held at the gorgeous (and also historic and unique) Liberty Hotel. One other unique aspect of the wedding was that the M.C.s for the night were two of the groomsmen, who were warm and entertaining--and more importantly, knew how to get a party started! Four things I learned from the wedding of Sarah and Tijs are that 1.) Dutch men are total hotties. 2.) Dutch men know how to rock pinstripes and tails 3.) Dutch men are not afraid to show each other affection and dance together. 4.) Dutch men know how to party. And more importantly, I realized how lucky it is that Sarah and Tij's paths crossed a continent away from here. Hearing toasts to the couple and seeing how much joy could fit into one small room was a testament to two remarkable people, and certainly a wonderful partnership ahead.

The Liberty Hotel retains some of the charm of it's former operation as a prison...

Here they look like they stepped out of another era...

The little flower girl was a bit shy with me at first--but not for long.

This peice in the chapel catches a thousand glints of light from the skylight.

Strappy silver shoes on some sassy ladies.

Meandering through an MIT building, we passed this RED stairwell...and had to stop of course!

It is obvious how loved Tijs is by his mother and brother.

For more photos from the day, check out their slideshow (turn your volume up to hear the song):

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Kristen and Paul: Falmouth, MA

It was back to beautiful Falmouth on the last day of July for the wedding of Kristen and Paul--and what a day, fierce blue sky scattered with tufts of clouds, a perfect evening to be on Cape Cod. Kristen and Paul are a photographer's dream couple; I knew this a year ago when we met for breakfast at a tiny diner in the middle of the Mass Pike. They are so friendly and easy-going and so happy together, and because photography is very important to them, they gave me lots of time, and planned for a stunning location (Nobska Lighthouse) so we could make use of the gorgeous destination they chose for their wedding. And they had the most fun, supportive wedding party, who were up for anything. The reception was such a party, and everyone was so friendly! So many people came up to chat, check on me, and ask if I needed anything (even the groom--how sweet of him to be aware of me when surrounded by so many loved ones). I can't say how much that means! It was an obvious reflection of what an amazing couple they are. Thanks K & P, I wish you the very best and look forward to staying in touch!

Gorgeous girl has such a bright, flirty smile.

This was my second time shooting at the beautiful Nobska lighthouse.

The day wouldn't be complete without a stroll along the docks.

Here I shot from the ground, and totally cut their heads off :) But for some reason, it's one of my favorites.

The reception held lots of laughter...

And rich emotion...

And of course, impressive dance moves!

One of my last shots of the night, but possibly my favorite...

Lastly, check out their slideshow (and be sure to turn up your volume to hear the song):