Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baby Isaac: newborn

Introducing precious baby Issac! You may recognize his mom and dad from their maternity session images (a few posts ago), back when they didn't even know they were having a boy! Baby Issac was a little over a month old for this session, but you wouldn't know he was still so new, since he was so alert and had so much fun during our session. He followed me with those giant black-pearl eyes, and gazed up at his mom and dad with such contentment...I loved seeing sweet Aimee as a mother--she is so natural and calm with him, it was so sweet to see how she adores her little son. And what a proud Daddy Issac has! Eric was so excited for the photos, and he was up for any idea I had (laying on the floor for a "foot shot," baby nudes (fuzzy focus of course), "throwing" Issac up into the air (actually that was Eric's request). I can't wait for the moment when Issac squeals and laughs--I just know it will melt Eric's heart. And I have a feeling he'll be laughing soon--what a smart, alert little fella. I thought it would be nice to have some sleeping shots, but nope, Issac is too curious, and there was no way the little man was going to miss a moment. See for yourself below. Congratulations Aimee and Eric, what a wonderful little fella you have!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ladies in Red

I can't help but squeeze in this one more post of my lil' girls from last week. After Maeve woke up from her nap, we went to sit on the rocker on the front porch and cuddle. Her hair was all fluffy and curling, and she was in the sweetest, snuggliest, quietest mood. If you know Miss Maeve, moments where she is calm and still are extremely rare, so I grabbed my camera and seized the opportunity...amazingly, for a few minutes, she sat still and let me take her picture! She didn't quite smile, though she has started mugging the camera of late, leaning forward, squeezing her eyes shut and saying, "cheeeese." But she is never still long enough for me to capture those round gray eyes looking at me...So I just had to put a few of these up (including the "outtakes" montage at the end). The limelight was eventually stolen by big Sis in her favorite new red dress (she wore it three times in the last week, finally I had to wash it). These little lasses have stolen our hearts(I can't help but want one more--have to convince Matt he needs one more red-headed girl in the mix...or might we score a brown-head, or even crazier, a boy? Not likely :). But don't worry, my Bs & Gs, no babies during wedding season!

And here comes America's Next Top Model.

And of course...the montage. My particular favorite is the bottom middle. What a lady.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fancy Viola

I am so behind in my blogging, but I'm going to quickly throw up some recent photos of my fancy little lady (and her sassy little sidekick). Can't help it; they are my world. We recently discovered Fancy Nancy books, and Viola has since been on a kick of picking out her own clothes in the morning--and often instead of hitting her closet or dresser, she goes for the costume box. So you may see her out and about, in Stop & Shop, or romping around the backyard, all dolled up in tutus, wings, plastic high heels and her great-great grandmother's costume jewelry. And as many of you will attest, I can do nothing to stop it because she is a little lady after her mother's own frilly, sequiny, costumed heart :)

I caught the picture on the right last weekend, when she had been very quiet upstairs and so I went up to check on her. Of course I had to run and get the camera. She had fashioned this multi-layered step-stool so she could get to her desired fancy frock. Yup, this is what I walked into--a little tushie in pink undies reaching with all her might toward something sparkly...Ah my sweet girl.

I too was in a hat and heels for this fancy afternoon tea on the porch last week...

Even a little baby fairy flounced around the backyard...

I had to throw in some sweet shots of my little ladies moments after waking one morning last week... their green polka dot p.j.s that match their room...

And here are some shots of last weekend's visit to Drumlin Farm. Daddy and his "sunshine."

My 'thinks-she's-a-big-girl-but-is-my-tiny-baby' baby.

A rare shot of me on the blog, with my sunny gals (photo credit goes to Matt).

One by one, Viola blew the seeds off every last dandelion in our yard.

V's current preferred hairstyle: "two poofs." Ah, the color of those wispy poofs in evening light...

I have one more quick personal post to publish tomorrow (Maeve actually let me take her picture), and then, on to recent (and past) shoots and my many snazzy couples!!!