Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kelly and Joe: wedding

Kelly and Joe's wedding took place on New Year's Eve during a blustery snow storm, and the happy couple was surrounded by abundant joy and celebration as they rung in 2010 as newlyweds. Kelly and Joe's wedding was extra-special for me because Kelly is one of my dearest childhood friends. She is thoughtful, smart, reliable, loving, and warm-hearted. When we were young we'd say we were two halves of a perfect person; she was left-brained: organized, quiet, studious, patient, and responsible, and I was right-brained: forgetful, day-dreamy, wildly emotional, artistic, and restless. I rocked writing and literature, she rocked physics and quadratic equasions....Yet we could complete each other's thoughts, and spent countless hours talking and giggling, sharing every last detail of our lives. She was there during the chaos of the teenage years, and she was a shoulder when my heart was broken, my trusted confidant, and a constant smile (she even looks like sunshine with her golden hair and bright eyes). So here we are all grown up, she a scientist and I a photographer--so naturally, shooting her wedding was an absolute pleasure! Joe, her lucky guy, comes from a huge Portugese-American family, and their Big Fat Portugese wedding took place in the small fishing town of Pawcatuck, CT, where he grew up and most of his family lives. And the reception was in Haddam, CT where Kelly and I grew up! The snow storm lent so much charm and romance to the day; Kelly and Joe were surrounded by puffs of white and black tree bows laden with fresh snow--it was a post card New England winter wedding, and in every way a pleasure to photograph--see below!

The snow swirled all over (so beautifully) for the first half of the day.

Despite bare shoulders and frozen toes, Kelly toughed it out in the snow!

I love this shot of Kelly's little sister Ashley anticipating the stroke of midnight...

And a few other images of the crowd ringing in the new year...

Check out Kelly and Joe's slideshow for more (be sure to turn up your volume!).