Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rik and Damaris

Three weeks ago, we were lolling around on the sparkling beaches of balmy Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. We were there to celebrate (and to photograph) the destination wedding of Rik and Damaris, which was held on the beach at sunset, and was as lovely as we imagined it would be.

Every guest received a treasure chest with a scroll itnerary, shells, sand, and these super-cool medallion necklaces that all the guests wore during the entire stay at the resort (we stayed at Dreams Punta Cana--gorgeous).

The wedding was held at sunset, and though I was racing against the sun toward the end, I loved the contrast of Rik's fair skin against his bride's golden skin (though he was difficult to expose especially in his white suit--but he looked so snazzy I was able to deal).

One of my favorite moments was during the first dance as the sun dropped out of sight and Rik and Dee danced to "The Blower's Daughter" by Damien Rice; they locked gazes for the entire song, as tears streamed down Dee's cheeks. I was glad I had a tiny bit of natural light left to capture it.

To the newlyweds--I hope the reception this weekend in Chicago is as perfect and memorable as the ceremony in paradise was--congratulations!

Jamie and Brian

Jamie and I have been friends since we were three years old when we started dance lessons together, so I was honored to be there beside her, almost three decades later (oh my!), to document her wedding day.

Despite a rather dire bouquet debacle (she asked for dark merlot reds and deep purples and got fire engine reds and lavenders--so I called Matt and had him stop at Whole Foods Mart, and grab some merlot roses and red-brown hypericum berries, and after minor surgery, the bouquet was saved), the entire day went off beautifully.

Jamie was super-excited yet relaxed, and while waiting outside the church to make her grand entrance, danced in the car to Madonna and Brittney Spears.

At 6'7, Brian is incredibly tall, and towered over his tiny bride. This paired with the fact that Brian is not at all into posing for the camera (they were bickering adorably in between shots--they have the funniest, cutest dynamic) made photos challenging, and I had to find creative ways of getting them both into the frame for close portraits (that or I just ordered Brian to hunch significantly :)

It was a glistening day, not too cold for January, and the snow covering made it even more charming. Jamie and Brian were just beaming all day long, even as they were running out to the car to make it to the airport on time for their evening flight, which they did make--an end to the perfect wedding day.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Carpenter Sam

My totally rad brother Sam is currently working as our contractor and is doing a smashingly beautiful job of remodeling our kitchen. When some people re-do their kitchens, they simply take out the outdated cabinets and countertops, and replace them with shiny new ones. Not us, no. We tear up the floor, rip down the ceiling, cut into other rooms, and reframe and restructure pretty much the entire space. Well, we don't do it--that is where Sammy comes in! Actually, Matt deserves major props for doing all of our crazy-intricate electrical work. That kitchen is wired to sizzle! Anyway, Sam is doing such an amazing meticulous job, and even though I am living in debris and breathing in wall dust, my sparkling new kitchen will be worth the wait...

How cute is my lil' brother Sam! He's one of those super-pale, freckly redheads who is so fair, that he has bright white eyelashes--seriously, as you can see here, they glow in the sun.

Our floor-less kitchen two weeks ago (left), our kitchen two days ago (right)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Simone in the snow

Simone is one of my best friends in the whole world. And she is one exceptional lass, an illustrator-poet-fine-artist-designer-rockstar...if it involves thinking with the right side of your brain, she's thought it. It was, as always, a whirl-wind crazy-lovely time when she visited from sunny LA, and we stole to the woods with my 85/1.2 for some portraits for her new website (or her new album, whichever)on the way to the airport before she (sigh) left for home.

Valentine's shout out

Yesterday I created a little webpage and made a valentine to send some love to my fabulous clients, past and future (meaning this coming season's brides and grooms). I will post it here (go here to see the page) in case the e-mail didn't reach you.

I made a little montage of mushy love moments I captured in the past year. I am a weepy romantic, and all of you who know me know I am a sucker for sweet lovey moments such as these!