Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bed-head Baby

My little Viola is growing up so fast! She is cheerful and curious, and has quite a defined personality for such a little lady--she knows what she wants, and she'll let you know! She is so sweet and affectionate, loves creating art, singing and dancing, and being a nurturing little Mommy to her dolls. This morning, Matt brought her into bed to wake me up, and I couldn't get over her wild hair flying everywhere and flaming in the sunlight. So I grabbed my camera and tried to capture it.

Little Angel Arianna

On the day my great-niece Arianna turned three months old, Viola and I went to Ashland to visit her and her mom, my niece, Kim. I always get a kick out of the fact that Matt and I have a niece who is exactly our age (and a nephew five-years older in fact). Matt's oldest brother Butch, is almost thirty years older than him, so when his daughter Kim gave birth to little Arianna in December, Matt became a great-Uncle. Little Arianna is just precious! She is so wide-eyed and adorably chubby, and she was such an angel in front of the camera.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rachel and Matt Engagement

I snuck Rachel and Matt away from their wedding shower on Saturday for a quickie engagement session. Rachel is one of my oldest friends, and as she is Rachel Tobits, and I was Lizzy Todzia, we had cubby holes next to one another in elementary school, lockers beside on another all through middle and high school, and when we both decided attend Boston University, we were only a couple names apart in the B.U. directory--even out of the 30,000 undergrad students. So we’ve been close, literally and figuratively, for over two decades! I am honored to be photographing Rachel and Matt’s spring wedding next month. In fact, Rachel has been “modeling” for me since college (I even dressed her in a flower crown and quilt for a photographic recreation of Klimt's “the Kiss." With her fairest-of-them-all fair skin, striking electric-blue eyes, and rich dark hair, she was one of my favorite subjects. But it was nice to break Matt in too, and it turns out, he is quite the dashing model himself!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Lake Marsh Walls

Two weeks ago, my kitchen had no ceiling and no floor. And today, not only does it have walls, it has….color! I toiled over the color, and finally went with Lake Marsh green. I wanted a bright limey green, and I uh, sure got bright...Green is my other favorite color (along with purple) as it conjures so much of what I love: verdant earth, plant life, green tea, fruit, Matt's olive eyes in natural light--it was even the color of my bridesmaids’ dresses). In fact, I am currently dreaming up a whole new face to my photo biz (I am designing a new website, new stationary, a whole new earthy feel--deep brown and vibrant green, the color of trees) so soon, sweet pea green will kick off a whole new look for Elizabeth Wertz Photography! I guess filling my house with the color is a good start.

Sam modeling with the rollerThe boyz hard at work