Friday, October 29, 2010

Nicole and Karl: Engagement

Nicole and Karl's beautiful October wedding day has already come and gone, but I wanted to be sure to post some images from their engagement session in August. Nicole was stunning in her vibrant floral dress and sassy black heels. It was apparent she at home in heels--you gotta respect a woman who can clomp around in heels in grassy fields and swampy farm grounds...She has this easy, youthful beauty about her...And it is obvious how much Karl adores her. We explored the gardens of beautiful Endicott Park in Danvers and the charming Alfalfa Farms Winery in Topsfield....And it was back to Topsfield two months later for their gorgeous October wedding--images from their day will follow!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Patel Family 2010

Our very dear friends Masumi and Nikesh were visiting from northern California in July, and after a Fourth of July cookout, we held what has become our annual Patel family photoshoot...After many Patel family events over the years, we are close with all of the members of the family: beautiful Sarita, Alan and his wonderful girlfriend Payel (in the snazzy black and white dress below), Masumi's adoring parents....And I was thrilled when Masumi said the ladies were again going to donn saris for the shoot! With her black pearl eyes and melt-your-heart smile, Masumi and Nikesh's beautiful daughter Nalini is enchanting to look at through my lens. You can certainly tell from the photos that she is the star of the show!

Sarita offers her perspective...

These are my favorite little curling feet!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sunshine and Moonbeam

I have not posted photos of my little lasses in so long, so here are some shots of our little Sunshine and Moonbeam (as their Daddy calls them) taken this summer in the midst of my wedding mania....First, ladies in red on the Fourth of July, and then the girlies romping in the backyard in end of summer sunlight...The shot of me and the girls in yellow was taken by my good friend and talented photographer Linda Pugliese during our annual trip to Long Island.

Maeve created modern art with her legs as her canvas...And yes, she did "paint" her own toenails...

First pigtails...

Annual "family" weekend on Long Island hosted by my dear friend Jurek.

Sunlight like fire through her hair...

An afternoon in Boston's Seaport district...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Stacy and Chris: Newburyport, MA

Today marks one month since Stacy and Chris were married in the heart of charming downtown Newburyport. I have to start this post by recognizing what a true honor it was to document Stacy and Chris' day. Stacy is a wedding planner with Kate Parker Weddings, and this girl KNOWS weddings! To say she had vision for her wedding doesn't even begin to describe it--Stacy created MAGIC out of every last detail of her day...She unleashed her artistry on the grand at Mission Oak Room, with it's gothic windows and rich scarlet walls, and what resulted was sleek, modern-romantic, and luxe. Her color, of course, was RED, with bold black accents, like her sash and the brocade fabric draped everywhere. Sexy. Sassy. Oh and not to mention, delicious--berries in cocktails, cupcakes, and a whole spread of sweets. My fabulous friend and former teaching colleague Lorrinda Cerrutti was my second shooter for the day, and though it was her first wedding, she added her unique perspective (as a fellow arist and kindred spirit of mine, I wasn't surprised that it came naturally for her).

Something I loved was Stacy's sweet inability not to "wedding plan" her own wedding (she was quietly and gracefully running the show even when trying not to!). It is obvious that Stacy is passionate about what she does--not to mention excellent at it (future brides take note!). I could see her shoulders relax when her own planner, Shelby O'Connell of So Chic Events arrived on scene before the ceremony, and assured Stacy that every detail was in place, and the day was running according to plan.

And now I have to talk about Chris. With a leading lady so incredibly "in the know," you'd think he'd be one of those "just show up" grooms. But oh no, Chris was so present leading up to and on their wedding day--he was just as thoughtful, just as involved, just as excited for the day to unfold--and most importantly, so sweetly emotionally tuned to the sigificance of their union.

Okay, so I could draft an epic about this wedding, but I am going to limit myself to glimpses that I found particularly touching: the bridesmaids signing Stacy's shoes, the seat left open at the ceremony in honor of Stacy's late father, the tender look on Chris' face when he first saw his bride, Stacy's neices accompanying her walk down the aisle on violin, Stacy's tears during the ceremony making her eyes an even more striking blue, Chris sweeping his niece up into his arms right after the ceremony, the smile (and fabulously RED dress) on Stacy's tiny mother, Chris' father's epic, heartfelt toast, and his obvious pride in his son, Stacy's teeny-tiny hands in her husband's....I know, I am in full-throttle mush-mode, but this is what I took away....Actually, it's what I hope my photographs can say without my having to...

I melt for a pair of red shoes. And look at that bling!

The stars of the day...

Had to have more shoe shots.

Stacy picked out an alley for me ahead of time--see what I love this girl?


One of my favorites...

Stacy's nieces playing the processional.

The bouquets were beautiful against the black and white print. And against one bridesmaid's baby bump!

We were lucky to have live music during the wedding party formals.

I loved the name tags on the seats.

Here are some of the gorgeous details (featuring a mix of mine and lovely Lorrinda's shots):

And now for the slideshow...Make sure your volume is up so you can hear the song...