Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Carpenter Sam

My totally rad brother Sam is currently working as our contractor and is doing a smashingly beautiful job of remodeling our kitchen. When some people re-do their kitchens, they simply take out the outdated cabinets and countertops, and replace them with shiny new ones. Not us, no. We tear up the floor, rip down the ceiling, cut into other rooms, and reframe and restructure pretty much the entire space. Well, we don't do it--that is where Sammy comes in! Actually, Matt deserves major props for doing all of our crazy-intricate electrical work. That kitchen is wired to sizzle! Anyway, Sam is doing such an amazing meticulous job, and even though I am living in debris and breathing in wall dust, my sparkling new kitchen will be worth the wait...

How cute is my lil' brother Sam! He's one of those super-pale, freckly redheads who is so fair, that he has bright white eyelashes--seriously, as you can see here, they glow in the sun.

Our floor-less kitchen two weeks ago (left), our kitchen two days ago (right)

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