Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dave and Cait

I knew Dave well growing up, and I have always adored him, so I was delighted to see that he picked such a lovely woman to be his wife. Dave and Cait's wedding was equisite, and it just so happened to be exquisitely pink. The pink and brown details centered around one seasonal flower--the cherry blossom--which, to the bride and groom's dismay, wasn't blooming at the right time this year. Thankfully, as it turns out, the peach blossom was in bloom, and it is actually just as perfectly pink! Everything matched this color scheme, the gorgeous flowers (credits to Dave's uncle Tony, owner of Datura) the flip-flops Cait and her bridesmaids wore, the dresses and sashes, the ribbon place cards board (so cool!), the favor bags, and of course, the gorgeous cake made by Dave's very own sister, Jeannine! All of the events were held at the Wesleyan University campus. The ceremony was in the beautiful, candle-lit, high-ceilinged chapel which provided great accoustices for musical performances by Cait's brother and two sisters. The tent was set up the day before by the groom himself, and it looked gorgeous ornamented by blossoming peach branches. Everything was in bloom, so we had plenty of beautiful places for photos, including the grand-pillared Russel House and gardens, and this giant magnolia exploding in blooms. The magnolia blooms for about one week, Dave and Cait's wedding week! And it just so happens to be pink...

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