Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Virgin Post

Whoopeeee! I have a blog, uh-huh, uh-huh! It's been almost a year since my brother-in-law Chris created my blog page, and this is my first official post (he assumed my identity and authored the above post himself--but he got it right as it was a memorable day). I feel like I should say something smart, but I'm too darned pepped up on my good fortune. I decided today that I simply must have a blog, but had no idea how to make that dream a reality, when alas, I come to find out I had one all along (thanks to Chris, who did tell me last August when he created it, but I promptly forgot).

The purpose of my blog will be to journal my adventures, triumphs and pitfalls as a small business owner and photographer--and most importantly, to inform and share with my clients. For example, after shoots, I'll be able to throw some images up immediately for them to see as I trudge through my post-production process. I will link to my website and use it to display my photographs (since my perfect husband (he really is) just told me tonight that he will not update the website after every photoshoot I do--which is most every day)--a terrible realization for me, as I was thinking that as my invaluable tech. support, he was going to do my bidding every evening after a long day at the office, and keep my website new and fresh and groomed daily. Alas, I will instead use my blog to post photos as I keep my shutter opening and closing on the beauty happening around me (most notably, the life and times of my precious baby girl, Viola).

So, now I'm off to figure out how to make my page "my own." We shall see if I can figure it out without enlisting the aid of the Brothers Wertz...

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