Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sam & Kristin, Rye Beach

When my brother first asked me to photograph his wedding in September, I worried that if I was working, I wouldn't "have as much fun." But upon thinking about it, nothing is more fun for me than documenting weddings--and this one will be particularly meaningful to me. I have many roles for this event; besides photographing it, I am singing at the ceremony and making the invitations! So, I've been telling Sam and Kristin that I am going to impose an enagement shoot upon them whether they want one or not, and so when Matt, Viola and I decided to go up to Portsmouth for the evening last week, I called Sam and Kristin who met us at lovely Rye Beach at sunset...They are such a fun-loving, woodsy-sporty couple, and their adventurous spirits and playfulness made our shoot so lively--of course! I am getting a gem of a sister-in-law, and I couldn't be more excited for September...

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