Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mariah and Mike

I have come to know Mariah and Mike well in this year leading up to their wedding, and I find them to be such a genuine, warm, positive couple. Their marriage took place two weeks ago in Wood's Hole on Cape Cod, and I don't even know where to begin in describing their lovely celebration. The location, of course, was amazing; the house had it's own "wood's hole," a tunnel cut neatly out of the brambly foliage that made for a charming path to a sparkling private beach (it also made for an enticing photo spot--I didn't want to let the bride and groom out of it!). The wedding was so special, and as it was so filled with emotion, tears were abundant. Mariah wore no makeup because, besides just being a natural, no makeup kind of girl, she knew that she would just cry it away anyway! And it was true; from the letter Mike left on the bed for his bride in her preparation room, to the sentiment Mike's sister read at the ceremony, to the sweet first dance to Ben Harper's acoustic guitar, there were few dry eyes on the premises for much of the day (including my own)!

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