Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Lake Marsh Walls

Two weeks ago, my kitchen had no ceiling and no floor. And today, not only does it have walls, it has….color! I toiled over the color, and finally went with Lake Marsh green. I wanted a bright limey green, and I uh, sure got bright...Green is my other favorite color (along with purple) as it conjures so much of what I love: verdant earth, plant life, green tea, fruit, Matt's olive eyes in natural light--it was even the color of my bridesmaids’ dresses). In fact, I am currently dreaming up a whole new face to my photo biz (I am designing a new website, new stationary, a whole new earthy feel--deep brown and vibrant green, the color of trees) so soon, sweet pea green will kick off a whole new look for Elizabeth Wertz Photography! I guess filling my house with the color is a good start.

Sam modeling with the rollerThe boyz hard at work

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