Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Claire and Dennis

I just adore Claire and Dennis, what a sweet pair! I met up with the gals at the salon early on the morning of the wedding as they got beautified. It was a small wedding, but still it managed to unite continents--Claire's family from both England and Scotland flew "across the pond" (as I heard an uncle put it) to be there to celebrate the big event. Dennis beamed from ear to ear as his bride graced the aisle, and he continued to gaze proudly down at her for the rest of the day (so sweet!).

Claire is so affable and chatty, there weren't many moments she wasn't talking, but I love how serious she is in this one--at the very crucial moment of veil application.

I loved this duo. These gents played throughout the whole affair, ceremony through reception, and I was so impressed with how they kept switching out instruments, a sax for a guitar, a trumpet for a flute. Impressive.

Luscious red--gotta be my favorite bouquet color!

As you can see I couldn't get enough of these fellas--I can't believe I forgot to grab their card before I left. I will score their info. and credit them!

Congratulations to the newlyweds. I hope your honeymoon was amazing!

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