Sunday, June 08, 2008

Erin and Marissa

The warmth and joy that surrounded Erin and Marissa on their spring wedding day was so touching, and I was honored to be there beside them throughout the day. They got ready together at their home, and there was much caustic wit (Marissa) and laughter (Erin), and despite a time crunch, lots of fun and minimal stress. Emotions ran high as Erin and Marissa exchanged vows on the sweeping grand staircase of the James Curley House in Jamaica Plain. The charming historic mansion overlooks Jamaica Pond, and Erin, Marissa, and their mothers created such elegance out of the decor--every touch complimented the house beautifully. The rooms were peppered with pale and deep pink calla lilies (arranged by the moms--as were the bouquets, lovely!) that complimented their gowns perfectly. The devotion Erin and Marissa have for each other was apparent throughout their day, and I tried to capture their playfulness, their laughter, and of course, their tenderness.

They had matching shoes--in silver and gold...too fabulous.

Erin beamed at Marissa all day...I love how this captures her adoration.

There were some hair setbacks, so without missing a beat, Marissa calmly improvised--holding the mirror with her feet so she could multi-task by applying makeup while her stylist worked on her hair. Impressive!

These girls were spot on with their color coordination--their dresses, the calla lilies, the gorgeous invitations (gotta love Papersource petal enclosures!)....

Even the magnolia trees worked with their color scheme, so despite the challenge of rain and squishy heal-sinking ground, they didn't even have to leave the one paved walk-way for me to score some nice flowery shots.

Erin and Marissa, as a long-time supporter of Marriage Equality, your wedding was especially significant to me. You were encirled by so much love and support, something every couple deserves. Congratulations--I wish you so much happiness!

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Marissa said...

Liz - You are a lovely person, and you captured "the moment" that my grandmother asked for over and over. We wouldn't have had the day that we did with out you and we are eternally grateful. You are a true talent and your love of your work comes through every time the shutter opens. With love- Marissa and Erin