Monday, June 09, 2008

Viola's Garden Fairy Party

Despite the change in location due to the threat of thunder showers (which never came) and oppressive heat, Viola's forest fairy party turned garden fairy party was magical! We decided to "simplify" and just do a kids party this year, and with an amazing 100% turn-out, still had a grand affair. All the kids had fairy names, many wore fairy attire, and we had crafts, a fairy flower hunt, and a big kiddie pool that turned out to be quite an attraction. Viola was a little overwhelmed at first to have all of her worlds colliding (playgroup friends, storytime playgroup friends, and cousins all in one place), but as the day wore on, she was in heaven. Her favorite event of the day was definitely the cake. She couldn't believe everyone was singing happy birthday to her, and she was utterly delighted--and even more so when she received her own huge piece.

Our little marigold fairy had the most enchanting afternoon, and she wants to thank all of the fluttery fairies, giggling elves, and bouncing baby sprites for attending her garden party!

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