Saturday, January 10, 2009

Suj and Tara: wedding

It was a perfect crisp January day in Michigan for two of my very best friends to officially join their lives together. I started tearing as I made my way down the aisle to stand up for Tara and Suj, and I just kept on weeping (with joy) all day. Suj is the Will to my Grace, the tenor to my soprano, the conservative to my liberal, the martial arts action thriller to my romantic comedy. He has been my better-dressed, self-proclaimed bad-ass (but really mushier-than-mush), darker, male other half for almost a decade now, and I couldn't have chosen a more perfect, amazing woman for him if I had interviewed thousands of qualified candidates. I could marry Tara myself--she is one of those gals who is respelendent with equal parts of talent, kindness, generosity, wit, glam, brains, and genuine, darn-right, all-around wonderfulness--a rare find indeed! I was touched when they asked me to donn the sizzling red gown as a bridesmaid, and even my Viola, who adores her Uncle Shuj and Auntie Teera, was part of the day as the flower girl. I couldn't help toting along my camera and snapping a few photos throughout the day (I even snuck a few shots during the ceremony which got me in trouble with the priest). My good pal Linda grabbed my camera whenever I was otherwise engaged and lent her amazing eye--making our smattering of photos from the day more complete (and more lovely).
Click on the arrow below for a little slideshow featuring some of the moments of Tara and Suj's celebration.

Uggs and fur--gotta love winter weddings.

Oh those dazzling smiles...

Credit to lovely Linda on this yummy image.

Suj's cutie pie nephew, Deven

A sweet brotherly moment between Deven and his younger brother Rowen

My sweet flowergirl looking the part!

Some strategic use of the videographer's light...

A few dancing shots by Linda...

This is my favorite--I love how they have the same scrunched-nose laugh face.

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Will Tangorra said...

Beautiful images Liz! Love the "getting-ready" shots. Congrats to Tara & Suj! After shooting with Tara in November, I can see why you love her sooo much! :)