Monday, February 23, 2009

Sugar and spice

If you know me, you know I am both totally girly and totally ungirly. The girly me is into fairies and mermaids, love and lust poetry, birth and breastfeeding, musicals (just saw Dirty Dancing at the Opera house, which rocked my world), vintage fashions, and acoustic love ballads. The ungirly me: I have little to no interest in jewelry, shoes, handbags, and products. I have no idea how to do makeup (though I can paint and draw), and I have never myself paid money for a waxing, pedicure or manicure. My time is too precious to spend any of it primping and prepping.

That said, I love love love having daughters, and through them, my inner girly-girl comes flouncing out--through floofy little dresses, ruffly bonnets and fairy wings. I admit it, and below is proof. Last week, my aunts came over for tea, and so I dressed the girls in white linen (and Viola wore three strands of my grandmother's beads). How adorably sweet is Maeve in the ruffly bonnet? Viola is a dainty little lady, and I had to grab my camera while she was admiring her braids (a 'do she requested) in the mirror a few days ago. Note the matching cotton jumpers on my girls (geeky, yes, but with their matching hair, how can I resist?). My brother Sam and sis-in-law Kristin were visiting, and I love the shot of them with Maeve--looks like she belongs to them instead of me, which tends to happen when my brothers are around.


erica said...

love these! And I second liz being girly and ungirly all at the same time. :)

Will Tangorra said...

So adorable! I love the B&W one of Maeve...what a beautiful photo. You're daughters are just perfect little things. :)