Monday, March 02, 2009

My little lovebugs

With a job like mine, you don't really get a "maternity leave." However, Matt and I meticuously planned Maeve's arrival (well, we tried; our math was a little off, putting her arrival within weeks of a wedding) so that her teeny-tiny infancy would coincide with my down-season. Still, it is crazy to balance work and my little lovebugs, and I realize now that I have hardly posted any photos of my little Maeve in these three months. I can't believe how quickly the time has flown, and my wee little baby is now laughing and squealing, batting at toys, doing 360 degree turns on her playmat--and I can't even believe how verbal she is, cooing and ah-gooing constantly. And her big sister continues to blossom into the most magical, self-assured, clever little lady. She is so imaginative and observant, and she knows what she wants and boy will let you know. She is her mommy's little sidekick; we're the best of friends. Ah, these days are so full of wonder, and they are flying by so quickly. Here is a glimpse of the last month or so, featuring of course, my little gingery loves who are growing up so fast!

We love our Daddy.

Maeve wearing one of Viola's old Halloween costumes--

You don't need Halloween to dress as a ferocious(ly cute) leopard anyway...

My new short (for me) hair...

Matt took a few pics of my long hair before I chopped it.

Oh my sweet babies.


erica said...

man i love that halloween picture. SO cute!!!

josh, erica, nora and wells said...

Liz, you certainly have a knack for capturing the moment on film, but also with your words. I have shared so many of your sentiments since the arrival of Wells but could never express as much. I check your blog religiously and always come away with a smile, or a tear, but most of the time, both.