Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ava and Tyler: newborn

Over the summer, my dear friends Gretchen and Ann welcomed twins, a boy and a girl. Of course, I couldn't wait to meet the little dears, so I went over to take some photos when they were just a few weeks old. Of course, since it was the thick of my wedding season, I haven't featured them here yet--and they are now six months old! I will soon post their three month session, but for now, take a peek at Tyler and Ava when they were brand new...

I couldn't resist swaddling them in pink and blue...

Proud (and exhausted) parents.

Big brother Cole.

Cole, a bit shell-shocked by how much life had changed in the last few weeks.

Tyler, a bit exhausted from so much modeling.

Ann and Ava on the left, Gretchen and Tyler on the right.

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Tara Lynn Sen said...

I think my favorite ever is Tyler being like "can you please get out of my face with that camera?!" I LOVE it! Such joy in these shots lady- awesome.