Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Kyla and Chad: {Boston Seaport World Trade Center Wedding}

It is about time that I post some loveliness from the gorgeous Boston wedding of Kyla and Chad! I had kind of an "at first sight" love affair with this wedding--and with all of the people involved: the warm, welcoming families, the sweetest-ever bridesmaids, the adorable batch of groomsmen, and most importantly, the most sincere, effortlessly wonderful bride and groom. It was a perfect, crisp November day to report for duty in the Seaport Disctrict, and when I found myself in Kyla's suite, I was immediately surrounded by a wonderful chaos of friends and family members, makeup and hair preparations in every corner, and an air of laughter and closeness, clutter and excitement--the best kind of environment to kick off a wedding day. Both Kyla's mom and dad pulled her in for an affectionate squeeze within my first half hour there (at separate times), and this, along with how obviously adored Kyla is by her friends just said so much about Kyla's circle of support, and most importantly, about the couple they were there to honor. Kyla has a quiet, graceful nature, and she was so considerate, bringing me into the conversation, and making me feel welcome (I can't say enough how much this means to me). Hence, the warm fuzzies set in right away, and that feeling was with me for the rest of the day. I was lucky to be able to hop into the limo with the girls, and look out the window and watch my alma mater (B.U.) and many familiar spots pass we drove through the heart of the city and into Brookline on the way to the church. The ceremony at the beautiful St. Mary's of the Assumption was officiated by Kyla's uncle, a fact which added to the sentiment of the day. After stopping on the way back along Memorial Drive for some photos along the Charles, we made it back to the Seaport World Trade Center Boston, for the rest of the festivities. First we took advantage of the many interesting locations outside World Trade Center for photos, like the bridge over-looking the city skyline and the many stone archways of the historic Trade Center building itelf. Then it was into the hotel for the reception festivities; the warm fuzzies were still with me deep into the night, as Chad swept his bride into his arms and around the dance floor that was packed all night. It was just one of those satisfying days; Chad and Kyla and their guests stole my heart (seriously, Kyla, you had the sweetest, friendliest, most darling bridesmaids ever!). Thank you for making me feel so welcome, K & C; it was a wonderful honor, and I hope the photos help to bring it all rushing back. For more where these came from, take a peek at their slideshow.


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