Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Renee and Andrew: Haverhill Country Club Wedding

I am going to be pithier than usual with this write up, because it is Christmas Eve, and I want Renee to see her slideshow and be able to share it on Christmas! I am not one for brevity when journaling my weddings, so I am going to attempt to use some restraint. This one is so easy to chronicle! Within minutes of meeting Renee over tea in my dining room well over a year ago, I knew that I was going to adore this gal. Most notably, she is a photographer! So of course, she and I immediately connected on an aesthetic level. But not only that. Renee is one of those women who just has a light and warmth about her. She and Andrew both grew up in North Andover, and have been together since high school, so theirs is a love that has already proven the test of time. There were too many sweet, memorable touches to name! First of all, Renee was so artistic and refreshing in her approach (she is a visual artist, I would expect nothing less!), and she incorporated the most wonderful natural colors and textures into her wedding. She incorporated the natural beauty of New England woodlands, like barks and branches and pine cones and greenery. Her bouquet was all natural, with spraying greenery, berries, stones, wisps of grasses, and cream roses. Stunning. And it paired so beautifully with the autumn olive of her attendants' dresses. Highlights for me were the thoughtful touches...the heart cut from a tee shirt of a friend who passed away sewn inside the skirt of her dress. The emotion in the room when Renee came downstairs and her father saw her in her dress for the first time. Renee's parents wiping tears and holding hands during the vows. Andrew's father and brothers emulating the poses while I was doing some sassy shots with the bridesmaids. The light in Renee's golden hair, while she gazed at Andrew among the tall grasses in October evening sunlight (in every way, Renee was golden and glittering, her hair, her eyes, her smile)...and countless others. The ceremony took place at St. Michael's in North Andover, and it just so happened to be my third wedding there! It is a beautiful sanctuary, and the October sun came pouring through the many windows, lighting the altar where Renee and Andrew stood facing each other. After they exchanged vows before a tearful audience, they jumped into their party bus and headed to the Haverhill Country Club for their reception! The room was stunning, with flowers interspersed with fruit and vegetables, bark and birch artfully holding the place cards and arrangements, pine cones scattered at the base of the cake that was made to look like a birch tree, with their names carved into it (like no other I've seen yet). One of the most notable aspects of the reception was that friends had hired a band to play reception. I had the pleasure of dining with the fellas of Green Line Inbound, and found each of them to be wonderfully charming--so when they got up there and actually started playing and busting out these SICK harmonies, I was completely blown away. Seriously, the talent coming from that stage was tremendous (here is where I plug the heck out of them--they usually play the club scene rather than the wedding circuit, but if you want your wedding to ROCK, you have to take a look at these guys!). Another highlight of the reception was the most UNIQUE maid of honor toast ever. Renee's best friend/college roommate, a little spitfire, with a heavenly head of rich red curls, got up there and SANG her toast. She changed the lyrics from Taylor Swift's "Love Story" and made them fit Renee and Andrew'story, and she rocked it out karaoke style--amazing. And then everyone hit the dance floor, and rocked out to Green Line Inbound all night--every family member was on that dance floor, even grandparents! Now that I have defied my earlier plan to use restraint in writing this, I will sign off. I am sure I have missed some of the day's sweet, meaningful moments, but I want to get this published so Renee and Andrew can wake up to it on Christmas morning! Besides, the photos kind of speak for themselves...Congratulations Renee and Andrew, it was such an honor. I wish you two a beautiful lifetime together! How perfect that there was a birch tree in their yard... I loved the rustic wrapping and spraying greenery of her stunning bouquet. Tough guys looking like they have someplace to be. Lovely Christina is one of my 2012 brides--and she is so gorgeous, I couldn't keep my lens off of her! The very talented and charming members of Green Line Inbound... On the right, a guest appearance by a talented guitar-wielding uncle! Take a peek at their slideshow: slideshow.


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Nice photos, thanks for sharing this very happy moments. Everybody looks very happy and enjoyed this wonderful event. Congratulations!
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