Monday, June 03, 2013

Dave and Alyse {Engagement}

I met Dave and Alyse over a lavishly delicious meal at Cuchi Cuchi restaurant in Cambridge, and the three of us talked a mile a minute for three hours. They are both leading whirlwind busy lives, but are placing exteme importance on their autumn nuptials...We talked about everything: school, careers, their travels, their families, their "story," the way in which they plan to honor their Jewish heritage at their Stevens Estate wedding, their detailed search for the perfect venue (and vendor line up :), their ideas for wedding photography (yes! I am especially excited about a couple who places importance on the wedding photos, and goes into the process of working with creatively!)...We had good food, good wine, and awesome conversation--and after that first meeting, I had already fallen for these two, and could hardly wait for our enagement session adventure...And sure enough, it was one! We wanted to achieve the full gamut of backgrounds, so we first got our "waterfront," fix at the wonderful, unique setting of Boston Piers Park against the Boston skyline (water--check!, urban--check!). After we got our fill of warehouses and boats and sea scupltures, we made the last minute call to hop in the car and drive (at rush hour) all the way out of the city, to Danvers...And we reached the lovely grounds of Endicott Park and Glen Magna Farms just as the sun had reached perfection in it's descent...Dave and Alyse jumped out of the car (in new gorgeous attire) right into golden glistening October light (rustic gardens, check! Stone walls, check! Historic mansion grounds, check!)...Alyse and Dave brought along an array of fashions, and even some cool props (their Red Sox caps, the sweet memory book in which Dave cleverly popped the question), and were absolute champs, performing multiple costume changes in less than ideal locations (mostly backseat of car), climbing rusty, dirty dumpsters, and wading through thorny brush...and I think their energy and sense of adventure paid off in the photos that follow. Thank you two for your enthusiasm, for looking so fabulous, for bringing your A-game (and sense of romance), and for being up for anything, even losing an hour to rush was worth it, and I can't wait to romp around the grounds of the Stevens Estate in four months!  

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Alyse said...

Hi Liz! I just saw that you posted these! We are so excited for October! (That was a lot of exclamation points, but I'm excited! :) ) -Alyse