Monday, November 18, 2013

Jackie and Pete {Boston Harbor Wedding}

It could not bring me more pleasure to present the wedding of two fantastic, genuine souls and wonderful self-proclaimed 'weirdos,' Jackie and Pete. They were married on Rowes Wharf overlooking the Boston Harbor just before sunset on a beautiful mid-September evening. Like it's leading couple, the wedding was no ordinary affair. It was white orchids and satin slippers and croquembouche. It was some breezy Greek Isle meets Old Hollywood glam. Jackie visited France in the year before the wedding, and happened upon the custom silver headpiece and bracelet, which would inspire her look. Instead of a veil, she wore a crown of orchids woven into the delicate silver vine-work of the head piece. Instead of a traditional bouquet, she had orchids trailing from the bracelet. She found the one bakery in Boston who would make croquembouche, an authentic French pastry tower. Everything about the wedding stood out to me, Jackie's "stepped out of another era" soft, flowy, flaxen-haired glam look, the wispy gown with it's trailing sashes ("props" as Jackie called them), the simple, sophisticated details, the adorable first dance to the song "Cheer Up Charlie" from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Jackie is an old friend, with whom I share some wonderful memories. We were theater and literature nerds together, and we both chose to move to Boston from our small Connecticut hometown. Jackie is a rare gem of a person, all at once wise, organized, sophisticated, adventurous, intellectual and artistic. With Jackie I could be raw and real, melancholy and giggly, my deep, brooding poeting self, or my wacky, upbeat, scattered self. It was an honor to be by her side again on her wedding day, laughing at her wonderful brand of wit, reveling in her open-armed, good-natured, oh so refreshing presence. If I may side-track for a moment: no matter how many years pass, one thing I can always bank on is that Jackie's hair will fabulous. Once a mane of thick, sandy waves, to a sleek pixie, it is now a soft, flaxen Marilyn bob. The very first time she ever decided to lop it off, I was at her side. I can still remember the slicing, almost crunchy sound of the giant loping shears, as I cut through her voluminous tresses. It wasn't right, so we cut for hours, and eventually ditched the scissors all together. She kinda shrugged her dainty shoulders and said, 'what the hell, let's just do this'...and we buzzed it. SHE IS THAT AWESOME. She kept it super-short and snazzy for years. Fast-forward sixteen years, and I was beside her on her wedding day, holding a camera instead of scissors, and fixing my lens on her gorgeous amber eyes. After the beautiful ceremony on Rowes Wharf, we raced through many combinations of family photos, and the crew kindly stalled for a few minutes so I could steal some sweet shots of the newlyweds on the Old Northern Ave Bridge. We grabbed a few more very low-light shots on the upper deck once the Seaport Elite set sail, and then Jackie and Pete were introduced and shared their adorable first dance on the middle deck, encircled by family and friends. I was so happy to see Jackie with Pete, who could not be a nicer, more genuine fella, embarking upon her next adventure, marriage and law school! I realize that the bulk of this post turned into a personal trumpeting of Jackie's awesomeness. But ya know what's even more awesome? Pete would fully agree! He's a lucky man, and he and Jackie have a beautiful life ahead, rich in laughter, love and adventure. So at long last, take a gander at some photos from their snazzy, one-of-a-kind nuptial affair!
  And here is their slideshow!

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