Thursday, September 25, 2014

Amy and Matt: Ocean Edge Resort, Cape Cod Wedding

Amy and Matt were married on a sparkling summer afternoon at Ocean Edge Resortin Brewster, Cape Cod. This charming slice of the Cape has a special place in Amy's heart, as she grew up spending her summers there in Brewster, at her grandmother's cottage, which is just "down the beach" from Ocean Edge. Amy got ready in a cottage on a hill overlooking the sea, surrounded by her two sisters, mother, and sweet bridesmaids. With her long, lithe limbs and an abundant mane of brunette waves, she was a stunning sight once she stepped into her gown. The way it sheathed her slender frame, and fanned out at the bottom, set against the backdrop of the ocean's edge made her seem like she stepped out of the pages of a mystical mermaid tale! The ceremony was on the front lawn, the aisle strewn with pink rose petals. Amy's dad was emotional as he walked the eldest of his three daughters down the aisle, and I loved that, as they approached, Amy's mom whispered in my ear, "make sure you get a picture of Matt's face when he first sees her." He stood there solemnly, his five older brothers lined up at his side, and watched for her to appear on the front steps of the mansion. It was a moment I would not miss! After the ceremony, we were whisked down to the beach. Amy requested that we sojourn to the Western-most edge of the resort's beach, because it was bordered part of the beach Amy spent her summers exploring. After we braved the high sun for some photos against the glistening water, we went back to the front lawn for more family shots, and some romantic portraits through beautiful filtered evening light. After that, Amy and Matt were introduced into the reception in the Carriage House. After heartwarming speeches by both Amy's father and Matt's father, sweet parent dances, and a series of group photos on the balcony against a pink and purple sunset, the dance floor was packed all night by a very enthusiastic, fun-loving crowd with some stellar dance moves! But at the center of all the revelry, you could find Amy, snuggling quietly into the crook of Matt's neck, soaking it all in. It was an end to a perfect summer day by the seaside. Thank you Amy and Matt for giving me the opportunity to be there beside you!  
And of course, their slideshow...

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