Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Martinez Family

On a perfect autumn afternoon a couple weeks ago, I met one of my former English teacher colleagues for a family session. I haven't seen Megan since leaving Lowell High School when Viola was born, so it was so nice to see her now that she's become a mother and watch her snuggle with her seven-month old little cherub, Ray-Ray! They are such an adorable family, and despite the bugs swarming around us as the session progressed, we came out with some really sweet images. Megan, thanks for the opportunity to spend an afternoon with your beautiful family, and congratulations on your sweet baby boy!

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josh, erica, nora and wells said...

I suddenly have a sweet spot for baby boys but even so, there is something especially adorable about this one- and the way that you captured the charm of his relationship with his mummy. Breathtaking!