Sunday, November 02, 2008

Asselin Family

A few weeks ago I met up with the Asselin family (and friends) for a series of portrait sessions. I photographed three of the four families last summer, so it was really sweet to see how all of the little ones have grown in just one year! The McElhinneys welcomed their second daughter in July, so I had the chance to photograph some tiny newborn toes and get some sweet shots of big sister Diana cuddling her baby sister. The Kuczek boys were as energetic as ever--and this year they were joined by their very busy now-toddler sister, Cara. I did a big group portrait of the Asselin siblings, their spouses and children, so this year I got to meet Henri and Lisa's brother Bill and his family. And the last sitting of the evening went to Colleen and her adorable family (her children are simply angels in photos!). We were racing against the sunset by the end, but ended up with many lovely images.

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Krista Photography said...

what great shots!