Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ashley and Chris {Engagement in Granby, CT}

Again, I am taking us back to the snowy winter behind us, to a crisp late January evening with Ashley and Chris in rural, charming Granby, CT. A beloved aunt of mine lives in Granby, so I decided to combine a visit with my mother's wonderful sisters with a romp through icy farm grounds with sweet Ashley and Chris. A friend of Chris welcomed us to his farm, and he let us explore his fields and woods, lifted Ashley and Chris up in his tractor, let us climb to the hayloft in his barn, even let us into the horse pasture (with Ashley's heels sticking into the solid ice that covered the field) to visit the horses. After, I convinced them to stop at the town library (which I had scouted on the way there), a lovely historic building with wonderful antique treasures, and a few vintage cars decaying in the back--delicious! I loved the the fading color of the cars, and the texture of rust and peely paint against the low blue winter evening light. We were frozen solid by the end of the session, but I think it was worth it...

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