Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sarah and Chris: Renaissance Golf Club, Haverhill

Sarah and Chris were married on a brilliant, unseasonably warm October day. Sarah got ready in the bridal suite of their lovely reception venue, the Renaissance Golf Club in Haverhill. There was wonderful energy in the room as Sarah, her sister, and her best friends got ready, and helped Sarah into her gorgeous gown. She looked like she was floating down the aisle of the majestic cathedral in downtown Haverhill where they exchanged vows. And Chris is my favorite kind of groom; he is friendly and good-natured, and always has a funny quip. Sarah has a keen eye for photography, and thus made sure we went into the day with ample time for formals (yeeehaw!) and also offered her creative vision to the photos. To achieve a bit of variety, we first stopped at this lovely little street-lamp lined alley in downtown Haverhill, and then it was back to the lovely rolling fields of the Renaissance for some natural beauty shots. Here's to deep grass, autumn colors, and setting sun loveliness! I have to take a moment to say what a champ Chris was. Remiscent of the engagement session, where Sarah and I kept him trudging through knee deep snow until his ungloved hands were raw, red and numb, once again the odds were against him, as the poor fella was fighting pneumonia! He was drugged up on medicine, burning with fever, and still he did not complain as I dragged them to multiple photo locations, and coached him into pose after pose in the hot sun. Unlike the last time when he was frozen to the core, this time the poor guy was burning with fever! Amazingly, he remained composed and smiling, holding his bride tenderly out in the brambly fields against a golden horizon. Despite being so under the weather, he felt better at the reception, and spent most of the night on the dance floor with his radiant bride wrapped in his arms....I loved to see them throwing their heads back in laughter and snuggling close, some of the sweetest shots of the day were in those moments. From the lovely venue, to the exquisite flowers (each piece a work of art!), to the phenomenal band who threw a rockin' party, it was in every way a fulfilling event to document. Thanks for the honor, S & C.

Simply stunning.

I loved the colors of downtown Haverhill.

And I loved these untamed fields just as much...

Ahhh, wisps of dried Queen Anne's lace against a golden horizon...

Bundled branches and orchids, just dreamy.

And now for their slideshow:

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erica said...

great locations!!! such a pretty day!