Thursday, April 05, 2012

Jackie and Tom {Engagement}

I thought I'd make a blog comeback by by posting some engagament loveliness featuring a fun, classy couple, Jackie and Tom. They are going to tie the knot at the Boston Public Library this coming July, so I thought the perfect start to our downtown shoot would be the Brattle Book shop on West street(right next to the restaurant where Matt took me on our first date--romance abounds on West Street! That and my personal literary goddess Toni Morrison is painted on the wall...can't go wrong). It's a little outdoor book shop in an alley and it made for the sweetest backdrop for Jackie and Tom as they snuggled, sipped coffee and perused the books...Then, as the sun dropped, they braved the wind and danced on School Street, played in leaves in the park, and climbed Flagstaff hill toward where the setting came through the trees like fire (my favorites are from that moment of firey dusk, the last three photos below). Jackie is flawlessly lovely, and Tom a good-natured dapper lad, up for anything--they are the kind of couple who make my job so easy. Jackie was featured on TLC's Say Yes to the Dress a few months ago; I still have it saved on my DVR. I can't wait to capture her gorgeousness in her romantic Oscar de la Renta gown. Three months to go, lovely lady!

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Tara Lynn Sen said...

This may be one of my absolute favorites of yours. Stunning couple and GORGEOUS light my lovely! Beautiful!!!!