Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sara and Brian: Taj Boston Wedding

I am so excited to post the September wedding of Sara and Brian, and I'm going to jump right in. Sara is a picture of loveliness, with her pacific eyes, soft complexion and pretty, rosebud lips--but it was her adorable, winning personality that came sparkling through my lens, and had me grinning as I was editing, recalling how funny, warm, and fun-loving she was on her wedding day. She made the most of every moment. And moments there were! Sara and Brian have a love story straight out of a movie. They met on a cruise ship. He approached her and asked if she'd like to have a drink. She said no. By chance, she saw him again in an internet cafe on the ship. He asked her out again. She said no. (But did allow him to friend her on facebook.) Months later, still not having had more than a quick conversation with her, he asked if he could visit her in Boston. A stranger she had barely even met showing up in her city, at her door? He could be crazy. An axe murderer. But amazingly, and completely out of character for her, this time, she said yes. And she said yes again when he asked if she wanted him to move to Boston. And she said yes again when he asked for her hand in marriage. Fast forward a year, and I had the honor of heading into Boston on a sparkling September morning, accompanied by the talented Nir Landau, to document their nuptials at the Taj in the heart of Boston. There were too many sweet moments to mention...when Sara's father saw her for the first time, and gave her a gift that made her laugh and cry. When Brian walked through the door and saw her, his eyes tearing. When their circle of closest family and friends cheered as they entered the Public Gardens hand in hand. When her father and mother took her hand and led her down the aisle to her groom. The way they looked at each other as they stood under the chuppah and said their vows. It was crucial to Sara that these moments be savored, and Nir and I were so fortuante to have had the pleasure of preserving them. Really, the true story of this wedding is written on the faces that follow, especially on that of the lovely Sara, who lived and tasted and FELT every moment of her wedding day...For all my ramblings and oohing and ahhing, the photos really do tell the truest tale. So behold the love story of Sara and Brian... Stunning. A sweet moment between Sara and her father. And then she took Brian's breath away! Random guy with saxophone stepped in to accompany the moment. They were such good sports when I dragged them into a dirty alley... I love the shot on the left by Nir. One of my favorites from the day, also shot by Nir. Sara's step mother sang the father-daughter dance--so touching! Take a peek at their slideshow (set to a song I happen to love, and that was played at their wedding):

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Happy moment and marvelous photos collection. Looking so great.Thanks a lot for sharing with us.I'll visit your blog again.