Saturday, October 26, 2013

Gina and Matt { Saphire Estates Wedding}

Matt and Gina exchanged vows just moments before sunset on a gorgeous early September evening. Everything about the day was perfectly planned and executed, and it was such an honor to have the chance to document it. Gina is a fellow photographer, and has an exquisite eye for detail, and the creative touches were abundant all day. She was "photo ready" even before stepping into her gown, with her golden skin, silky white robe, and rhinestone-licious, zipper-back heels (LOVED THEM), and so we did a few sexy shots first. To me, Gina was the "perfect bride." She was composed, sweet-natured, funny, and genuinely enjoyed every minute. She has this quiet confidence that is so refreshing--and she has a smile that is both sweet and endearing, and at the same time, alluringly sultry! Gina's bridesmaids were her biggest fans (well, besides her smitten groom), and they were protective of her, cheering for her, and obviously just so devoted to their girl. One of the best moments of the night for me was when the ceremony music started. Matt walked down the aisle, escorted by his elegant grandmother, who looked up at him and adorably kissed his hand. And when Gina stood at the end of the aisle, that's when all the tissues came out. You just had to look at Matt's face to recognize the intensity of his love for his wife-to-be, and how much that moment meant to him. Matt's spunky, charismatic, and absolutely lovely grandmother performed the ceremony. The last thing she did after the vows was put Hawaiian leis around their necks, symbolizing their union--and their much anticipated honeymoon to Hawaii! It was then that I RACED against sunset to grab as many photos as I could. We shot formals in the most open area we had (the driveway), and scampered down to the lake for a few more--the sun had dipped over the horizon, but there was a soft twilight glimmer across the lake. Then I raced like the wind to shoot the wedding party and family in the very last moments of light--it was probably the quickest I have busted out formals to date. And then it was time to head into the lovely Saphire Estate for the real party to begin! After hilarious intros, a touching first dance, heartfelt toasts and sweet parent dances, the dance floor opened up, and the party started! The moves there on the dance floor were impressive and wonderfully entertaining. The charismatic groom has game, and he OWNED the dance floor (his only true competitors were his close family members: his dad had MOVES, and his adorable sister was right up there with him, charming everyone on the dance floor, and making sure no one else had any chance at catching that bouquet). Inspired by the talents of Vinnie Procopio of Bash Entertainment, the revelry went on all night. It was just as much of a pleasure to watch Gina and Matt's tender, funny, and sexy dynamic through my lens there on the dance floor as it was to watch them snuggling and laughing and popping champagne on a midsummer night for their engagement session...Gina, you found an incredible, loving man, and Matt, you are one lucky fella to hold this gorgeous, creative, confident woman in your arms! I am so happy for you two, and wish you so much joy as you start your married life together.   Lots of laughter... Some sultry. A little bit of blur... And a whole lot of stunning. My favorite. I loved this wedding party! I loved the soft, romantic aqua and pink d├ęcor.   Take a peek at their slideshow, set to their first dance song...

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