Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lilacs and anemonies, oh my!

I just opened the door to let Ivy in, and on my doorstep was the most stunning flower arrangement! It is all lavenders and greens--my favorite colors! The flowers are so lush, with tiny droplets of water still resting on many of the blossoms. My amazing sis-in-law Brooke somehow found a moment between delivering babies (she's so cool) to send us an arrangement, and I just have to blog about 1.) how sweet and darling our dear Brooke is (Brooke! You are the best!) and 2.)this amazing MA-based floral company, Winston Flowers. This is the fourth arrangement Brooke has sent us, and I thought each one to be the most luscious, vibrant, artfully designed arrangement I've seen....Now I usually love supporting tiny little businesses, but Winston flowers is a Massachusetts-based company, with eight or so locations, and I would say many of my brides could find one located within a nice distance. So my blushing brides, since you may be searching for that perfect bouquet, I just thought I'd throw Winston Flowers out there--they do amazing work. And to Brooke, you are so thoughtful--Matt, Viola and I thank you and send you our love as you trudge through your twenty-four hour shift! We love you.

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