Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Meeting Miah

This morning I met up with my friend Lorrinda and her adorable, spunky daughter, Miah. Lorrinda is a friend of mine from Lowell High School, where she taught Visual Art and I taught English. We have much in common (in fact, she used to teach photography), and she is one of the colleagues I miss most since leaving teaching. Interestingly, both Lorrinda and I have recently changed careers to pursue our dreams of starting our own businesses. Last June, Lorrinda opened The Velvet Fly, a chic boutique in Boston's North End that carries an artful mix of vintage and designer clothing and accessories. I plan on going in to her store on of these days and capturing some photos of her gorgeous shop, which I will promptly post on my blog!

Viola and Miah hit it off instantly, sitting in the booth together giggling and at some points, creating quite a raucous of squeals and chatter (oh and eating goldfish as you can see).

Miah has her mother's amazing full, rich head of hair and huge, gorgeous dark eyes. She is very verbal and imaginative and charmed me with her adorable stories.

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