Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Parade

On Sunday we attended the annual Woburn Halloween Parade that passes by just one street over from our house. The kiddies were beyond cute in their Halloween attire; check out the wide range of adorable disguises below...

Despite some mild protest, my little bumble bee pranced around in pure delight once in her costume.

This little princess was sitting in front of me, and she had the most beautiful eyelashes!

Minne Mouse (a.k.a. Julie Payne) scored a photo opp with Mickey.

Bella specifically requested to be a "pink ghost" with "pink hair" this year. I love the way sun lights up the bubbles and her very pink hair in this image.

Viola is happiest when creating art--especially if it involves the medium of paint.

Olivia the Octopus was all tuckered out by the end of the loooong parade.

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Anna Yu said...

Happy Halloween to you, girls!
Liz, Christina has the same exact costume!!! How cool is that!?(we have the same taste, I guess) We should get together and photograph two little bees with a jar of honey :)) I'll post our pictures tomorrow, since our party is tomorrow night! Have a great week-end!