Monday, September 28, 2009

Anya and Chris: slideshow

Anya and Chris said their vows two weekends ago against the stunning backdrop of the Boston skyline as the sun set over the harbor. The wind was so strong, it made Anya's dress billow and her veil fly straight up from her head (it was quite the dramatic setting, and so beautiful and memorable). Chris and Anya wanted a simple wedding, with a few key must-haves: "flowers and pictures" (Anya) and a very 'Boston' setting (Chris). As you can see from the slideshow that follows, they got their wish--what an amazing evening!

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Anna Yu said...

The bride has my name, I bet she was Russian :)
Nice job as always, Liz, what a beautiful story of the day! And yes, it was windy!!! (loved those shots)