Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Baby Layla: newborn

Just days after baby Layla's birth, I got an e-mail from her mother Megan, a former colleague of mine from Lowell High School. Megan had planned on waiting to do portraits of Layla and her older brother next spring, but sweet Layla arrived early, and though perfectly healthy, weighed in at a wee four pounds! Megan knew that she would never be able to remember how very small Layla was, and how fleeting her newborn state would be, so she wrote to see if I could do a quick newborn session to capture Layla in all of her teeny-tininess...Becuase I adore wee little babies, and Megan happens to be one of my favorite women to photograph (she has a sparkling personality and she is stunning), I squeezed in a quick session--and I'm so glad we did! What a beautiful little angel (yup, I had to bust out angel wings for this one). Less than two weeks after giving birth (with no drugs by the way, amazing!), Megan was as stunning as ever, and watching her joy and tenderness as she cradled her tiny little daughter was so touching to observe. See for yourself...

Skinny, but strong little legs!

A Red Sox fan already.

Megan said Layla was like a little doll so with Viola's help, I ran with it:)

What's more precious than a little naked sleeping baby?


erica said...

oh my gosh, soo little and cute! great job

Anna Yu said...

Liz, amazing! My absolute favorite is the one with the dolls and the red sox fan one! Precious little girl!!!

MC said...

Those are so cute. The one with the dolls is my favorite!