Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ruthie and Eric: Wedding

Ruthie and Eric were married in Hyde Park on a sparkling mid-May evening. I had the pleasure of photographing Ruthie's sister Jammie's wedding three years ago, and I adored getting to know her wonderful three sisters and their families, so I was thrilled when the youngest Pistorino sister contacted me about her wedding. Ruthie is tiny and super-sweet, with the wonderful laugh that warms a room. I had so much fun grabbing shots of everyone squished into Ruthie and Eric's home, amid ruffled socks and strappy shoes, and piles of makeup and hair supplies. Ruthie's flock of neices and nephews, all in the wedding party, in tiny tuxes and dainty white embroidered dresses were particularly sweet--and as you will see, they are all over the slideshow. Eric is super-tall, and towers over his dainty bride. Oh and he has the most wonderful dimple that is always there when he's looking at her.I loved the genuine laughter they shared, and the way Eric smiled down at his tiny bride as he danced with her all night.

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