Friday, January 28, 2011

Megan and Matt: Engagement

Megan and Matt are both tall, smiley, good-looking, have all-American names that start with 'M,' and, best of all, are completely and utterly in love. ...They pretty much had me at hello, and here's why: 1.) Matt reminds me of an adult version of my first childhood crush, Eliot from E.T. (oh that adorable Henry Thomas!), 2.) Since modeling is something they don't do every day, Megan laughed throughout our shoot--which made her all the more beautiful and natural to me (don't you dare go and repress that laughter on the wedding day, Megan!). 3.) As we tromped around Copley, the Public Gardens, and the Back Bay, I was struck by how refleshingly genuine they both are--and to top that, how genuinely they love each other. My favorite moment of the shoot was when we talked about the moment Matt will see his bride at the end of the aisle, and he got a little mushy :) His love for Megan is tangible, a reminder that "good guys" and "true love" really do exist. I guess tall, dark, smiley guys named Matt somehow represent that ideal to me (I might be baised). In any case, I can't WAIT to turn my lens his way next July when Megan walks down the aisle toward him....

Ah, how lucky I am to have a job that oozes romance?


Megan said...

Liz, these photos are fantastic and so much more than we ever expected! Thank you for such a fun day! We can't wait to have you photograph our big day!!!

erica said...

such a sweet couple! I can't wait to see the wedding pics!!