Monday, February 21, 2011

Julie and Mike {Wedding}

The very first night I met Julie three years ago, she told me she couldn't wait to find her true love. Her Beloved. She said that's what she would call him, not honey, or babe, but Beloved. She was a friend of my brothers from their Haiti mission group. She was young, just out of college, and brimming with idealism. She made an impression on me. She is a fellow romantic, a literature and Drama enthusiast, and so warm, so positive, so excited about where her life was taking her. Julie is flawlessly lovely, with bright eyes and a constant smile. But her beauty truly exisits in her postive energy, her giving nature, her fierce passion in her beliefs and devotion to her faith. She met Mike on the "Connecticut Catholic scene," and even though he was at the time unsure of the direction of his life, and didn't succomb to her charm immediately, Julie knew right away that he was her "one" and waited patiently for their timing to be right. And it didn't take too long for her to win his heart--how could he resist? Julie and Mike have the sweetest dynamic. Julie is vibrant and talkative and fierce about her convictions. Mike, a talented musician and song-writer, is easy-going, gentle and soft-spoken with a charming quirkiness and quiet confidence. They compliment eachother so well, and you can't help but feel good in their presence.

Julie and Mike were married on the snazzy date of 1-1-11 in Meriden, CT. Julie had to be the most exhuberantly happy bride I have had the pleasure of photographing. It was an unseasonably warm day, but with a blanket of snow for added New England charm.
One of my favorite moments during the ceremony was when Julie's father and Mike's father picked up their guitars and sang and played an original piece written for the new couple. What a gift! After the mass, we headed to the Pavilion on Crystal Lake for some wintery portraits before the reception. One very special aspect for me was that my entire family (including Matt and the girls) were invited to the wedding. My brothers and sister-in-laws were in the wedding party. My mother made the bouquets. And it was so sweet to see my own little ladies, as well as my neice and nephews, romping happily on the dance floor in their finest attire. It was a dance floor that was packed the entire evening with such wonderful energy and joy. I am so happy that sweet Julie found her Beloved, and that their love story came true. And now for some photos...

For being so tiny, angelic and sweet--Julie can be fierce too!

Mike comes from a long line of musicians. Here is his grandfather on the harmonica!

Julie and Mike rock some Polka moves...

My brother and my newphew Caleb (I love this little guy so much!).

Click below for the slideshow (and turn up your volume to hear the song):


Tara Lynn Sen said...

Lizzie, you must make an album out of this wedding- I think it may take the cake as my favorite thus far. Her eyes are STUNNING and I love every detail- so pretty. You are just a rock star girl. A for real rock star!

erica said...

seriously? her eyes are amazing! also, your bridals are unbelievable!!

Anna Yu said...

Liz, fantastic work and an amazing wedding all around! Enjoyed looking through every single image, so beautifully done!