Sunday, September 11, 2011

Simone and Thibault {Wedding}

It was a year ago, in the thick of wedding season, when my best college friend and moon-sista Simone called to tell me she was getting married, and it was happening soon, and that I absolutely had to be there. The timing couldn't be worse. I was coming off a crazy stretch of weddings. I was up to my ears in editing. I had never left my kids before. But as she knew all along, of course I was going to be there, so I found myself on a plane to Los Angeles to celebrate (and document) the marriage of Simone and Thibault. To describe the friendship I share with Simone would be telling a well-worn, enchanting, cacophonous tale of twists and turns and tears and frustration and magic....Somehow, our memories are poetic. Ours is a tale of drawings on scraps of paper and letters and guitar strings and trinket-treasures and mermaid hair...To tell it is like putting words to a strictly instrumental song. To me, she is poetry and other worlds and mystery and familiarity...that small, quiet girl in the corner of the room who didn't say a word but who I wanted to know. Someone who has torn and tempted and tested me as an artist. The kind of friend you could lie around with in pajamas all day in a one room apartment in Pasadena and never run out of odd, idle but wonderful conversation. The kind of friend with whom you can communicate for a decade through letters instead of email. The kind of friend with whom you can disagree and fight torridly, but who you know will always be there, honestly and wholly loving you despite.

The wedding and surrounding whirlwind were in every way just what I expected. The few days were a hot California moment, a wild ride, as always. And as soon as I was back in reality in MA, I jumped right back into work as if I had never left, never having a chance to blog it. Tomorrow marks one year, and I want to honor Simone and Thibault's marriage by putting up some of my favorite images from their day. Again, these days I am immersed in wedding splendor, and buried in editing, with no time for personal posts...still, I am pausing for a moment to tell a little story about a sparkling day in an orange grove in California, and a sweet and fulfilling moment I spent there. Happy anniversary, S & T, love you.

The Los Angeles theater is right around the corner from S & T's downtown apartment.

The wedding took place in a historic orange grove.

Oh so pretty.

A French marriage tradition adapted by S & T.

This sexy pair of legs belongs to the officiant, Mihn.

I think Thibault might actually have fallen asleep here.

Behind the lens...Michelle, my partner in crime, crouching in weeds to "get the shot," as well as an attempted self portrait of the two of us.

Back to the city...why not a few street shots after our romp through nature?

Love you two cutie pies. Wish I could be there right now. Happy anniversary.

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