Friday, August 09, 2013

Shannen and Zac {Downtown Boston Engagement Session}

I know I usually write a flowery, rambling, grandiloquent blurb to go with my blog posts, but here is why this one is different: 1.) Shannen and Zac are too adorable for words. They were a dream couple to photograph, and their awesomeness and sweet natures easily came through in the photographs (as well as more than a little GLAM, Shannen could not be more gorgeous--and her luxurious head of hair stops you of breath and strips you of words). 2.) I think their session can actually be summed up quite well in list format. This shoot was NO JOKE awesome. It was fast-paced, wide-ranging, and all-encompassing, from the charm of the neatly manicured public gardens, to the grit of a dirty alley, to the dead fish-strewn pier along the waterfront, we had it all. It was a race against sunset, with the occasional mishap, some drama, and even a little danger. So for the first time ever, I am taking a statistical approach:  
Number of people who yelled at me while I was shooting: 4 (cop on a bike, old lady, guy in a truck, guy on a motorcycle).
Number of backseat "costume changes" performed by rockstar couple Shannen and Zac: 4
Number of photos taken of me by crotchety woman who is apparently "doing a documentary" about unwanted "foot traffic" on Acorn Street in the back bay: 1000
Number of red lights I ran trying to navigate around the city to park: 3
Number of dead fish I almost stepped on while getting "the shot" on Boston Fish Pier: 4
Number of drinks we had to order at No Name restaurant to validate our $49 parking (after accidentally parking when the $4 lot was out of tickets): 3
How ridiculously awesome the shoot was on a scale of one to ten: 10
  Aaaand that pretty much sums it up. I loved every minute with these two!! Shannen and Zac, I wish you the most perfect day for your Arizona wedding. I feel so fortunate that I got to have you two in front of my lens against the backdrop of city where you fell in love.  

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Alexis Winston said...

These are absolutely stunning.