Monday, October 22, 2007

Addy turns one

I photographed Justin and Betsy's charming wedding, and did a newborn photoshoot when they welcomed their daughter Addyson into their lives last summer. A year later, on the very day of her first birthday, I did another photoshoot of little Addy. Betsy picked me up in a rustic motorboat and ferried me across the bay to her family's cottage on Cedar Island in Clinton, CT. It's the most amazing place; there is no electricity on the island, and there are no cars, and no roads, just sandy paths. The main strip is a path down the center of the island, with a row of cottages on either side lining the shore (there is nothing but waterfront property on this island). There is no need for shoes, and so we explored the island barefoot, and found what I thought to be the most charming corner of the island--all dunes and driftwood and unspoiled beach--and it caught the low orange light perfectly. Addy is so dainty and smiley and curious, and she loved holding her parents' hands and wading in the water. It was the perfect day for a first birthday, and Addy was the perfect little model.

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