Monday, October 22, 2007

The Stevens Family

One weekend in August, I didn't have any weddings, but I did a photoshoot Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. I realize now that I have no shred of a life left, but hey, I am doing what I love, and what could be better that?

Lisa and Bob have the most precious boys. They are so, so beautiful. Matthew has this head of unbridled cherubic curls and Michael has these stunningly long, enviable eyelashes. Both boys have bright sapphire eyes that just make you melt, and, as you can imagine, they were a pleasure to photograph. We had that perfect soft low light, and amazingly, we were able to rope the family's two dogs (including one curious and rambunctious little black lab puppy) into a full group portrait. Lisa is so warm and genuine, and I loved spending time getting to know her and her sweet family.

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