Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Howes Family

I met up with Carrie and her boys one crisp Sunday morning for family photos. Carrie is a very talented wedding invitation and card designer--and she is also a photographer herself! We meet on many different creative levels, and I'm so pleased to have come to know her. This time, she was in front of the camera with her husband, Judd and three beautiful boys. I was astonished by how adorably willing the older boys were to let me photograph them (they are well-trained for the camera) and how easy it was to get great shots. They flashed their ever-charming smiles up at me and sat dutifully where I suggested, tilting their heads and grinning sweetly. Baby Gunnar was simply precious in his tiny polo shirt--he smiled gleefully when his mom talked to him, scrunching up his whole face in joy. Side note: Gunnar is going to be Elvis for Halloween. He has a little wig and all. Now that would be a prize photo; I'm sure his mom is taking care of that. I was so happy to finally meet the little Howes boys, and I had such a great time exploring the Jackson farm with them.

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