Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Caitlin and Eric: wedding

I still haven't put up some of my favorite images from Caitlin and Eric's beautiful wedding day in Durham, NH over a month ago. I blame it on the chaos of buying/selling/moving, which has usurped my entire spring/summer so far! Caitlin and Eric were married in the same church my brother and his wife Kristin were married two years ago, so it was sentimental for me to be back there. One of the most special aspects of the day was that Caitlin's mom MADE Caitlin's wedding dress--and the sweet white eyelet dresses of the flower girls (the bride and groom's adorable nieces). In fact, she was putting finishing touches on the dresses that morning when I arrived, so I got to see the artist in action! What a precious and meaningful gift for her daughter. Eric is so tall, and one thing I loved about them was the way he curled down to be as close as possible to his bride--they beamed at each other all day, and it is obvious that they are simply home in one another's arms.

Could they look any happier?

Caitlin's adorable niece had this look of wonder in her eyes all day.

The priest hit the dance floor and didn't leave for the whole evening. Love it!

The very touching parent dances had me weeping behind my camera.

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erica said...

so sweet. you do such an amazing job at capturing emotion and they looked so happy!

has the house been sold? have you officially moved? I can't WAIT to see the new place.

miss you bunches.