Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Rouillard Family

I had so much fun with this family! I was referred to Kerri by her sister Megan, a former colleage of mine from Lowell High, and whose sweet family I photographed in the fall. Kerri and I spent over a month scheduling and rescheduling the shoot due to the wet and unpredictable spring we had...But we finally got lucky and scored a glistening, perfect evening to meet for their portraits. Oh my goodness what a gorgeous family. Kerri stepped out of the car, and with her chestnut hair, striking green eyes, and navy polka dot dress, she was just the right amount of feminine beauty to compliment her family of boys! She and her husband Ryan are the proud parents of three beautiful, energetic boys, ages three and under (they had three in the time it took me to have two!). Little Nate, their newest addition, is only a month younger than Maeve. The boys were very busy, energetic, and so very precious. They warmed right up to me, and within minutes, were flashing their charming smiles and bringing me flowers. And as you can tell from the photos below, they easily succeeded in melting my heart!

Look at that lens flare--love it!

Aiden and Sean brought their much-loved, well-worn stuffed animals along for the shoot. Adorable!

Look at those tiny hands!

Maeve has this same blanket--in pink, of course.

I think I have this same shot of Kerri's sister Megan and her little boy!


erica said...

gotta leave some love for that last shot. SO sweet!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, those are gorgeous!