Saturday, August 01, 2009

Kristen and Mark: slideshow

Check out my slideshow from Kristen and Mark's amazing wedding on tiny Cuttyhunk Island off of the coast of Cape Cod. It's a little slice of heaven I never would have known about were it not fo Mark and Kristen (I love my job!). Despite some near missed boats, and a few setbacks (coming home to find the car locked in a shipyard--full story to come), the day was lovely, and Tara and I had a BLAST. So take a peek. I hope you enjoy it, M & K!


erica said...

man i LOVE that puppy! also, the shot of her father wiping tears away is so amazing

Will Tangorra said...

Gorgeous Liz & Tara! Love your details, the dog w/red shoes, the dress in the window, and Kristen & Mark's formals. Simple...yet stunning wedding and photos! :)