Saturday, August 08, 2009

Our BFF family

A visit from our good friends Chris and Lesley has become a summer tradition over the last four years since they moved to Arizona. Chris and Matt were paired as roomates their freshman year of college, and have been extremely close ever since (they talk on the phone daily to taunt each other over fantasy baseball/football stats). We had to scramble to prepare for their ten-day visit this time since we had moved into our house a mere week and a half before their arrival. So I kicked it into high gear, put off work for a week, and sweated in the heat unpacking the contents of an entire house and organizing it into another (and coming no where close to finishing). By the time they arrived, it was liveable. One exciting bit of news is that the Klock family welcomed their third child (I can't believe we have friends who have THREE kids!), Baby Kendall, only six weeks before! So Viola and Maeve had three and a half year old Brendan, nearly two year old Kirsten, and six week old Kendall to play with. It was a house over-flowing with kiddos, and thus chaos was rampant--but we had a splendid time, as always. Our repetoire of activities included: the Boston Children's Museum, Southwick Zoo, Stone Zoo, Kimball Farms, Walden Pond, Castle Island, and Cape Cod (Falmouth) for a mini-vacation. I only have a few photos, mostly taken here at my house, but you just have to see our little pack of darlings! I have a particular affinity for sweet Kirsten (as you can tell below as she is all over this post). She is so verbal for being so tiny, and such a sweet child, I couldn't help but snap those blue-bell eyes!

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