Sunday, August 02, 2009

Meredith and Sean: Engagement

I had so much fun exploring Portsmouth with Meredith and Sean a few weeks ago. What a sweet, fun couple! They live right there in downtown Portsmouth, and already had some spots all picked out for me (adorable!)--but they were open to all my whims too! They are both graduates of UNH and Red Sox fans (see below). I was impressed with Sean's comfort in front of the camera (often I have to coax my grooms a bit); not only was he open to all of my suggestions, he adorably climbed trees, serenaded his lady from a balcony, lifted her in the street, dipped her, spun her around...all of which I of course LOVED. Meredith, you have yourself quite a fella, and I can't wait for "take 2."

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